March 14, 2017


JAGUAR 6300 series is the high precision power quality meter, which is compatible with J&D JPS series and JRFS-RM series CTs. It can measure the various electrical parameters such as sag/swell, THD (total harmonics distortion), crest factor, and K Factor. Additionally, the JAGUAR 630 offers data logging and wave capturing features, making it an excellent tool to perform accuracy analysis and diagnosis for energy management and power instru- ments. JAGUAR 6300 series is the power quality meter complying with IEC61000-4-30 as class S and complies with IEC61557-12 which is a standard for “performance measuring and monitoring devices”. JAGUAR 6300 series communicates over Ethernet and it forms as ringing communication so that it could measure the data in real-time. Optionally, JAGUAR 6300 can use other communication modules beyond Modbus RTU Protocol.
JAGUAR 6300 series is a perfect solution for switchgear panel monitoring and energy man- aging for factory, plant, and building.